Picade 8" screen not working - New Build today

Hi. First time poster. Built the Picade today and attached my Rasp Pi 3 with Retropie installed. Pi works ok when plugged into normal screen, boots and works with SNES USB pad.

When I power it up in Picade theres a brief low crackle from the speakers and the screen flashes briefly white, not full screen white but sections top and bottom interference type of thing then solid blue screen comes on , off, on a bit longer and then on for a while before going off again.

I’ve tried uncommenting hdmi_force_unplug and setting to 1

and adding these two lines to bottom of config.txt

Light on the controller board (small one attached to side of cabinet under catch) is mostly orange occasionally green.

Any ideas?

I’ve plugged my screen power into a usb plug and it’s working fine. Seems there is not enough power going to the RaspPi3. I’ve always used a samsung phone charger to power my pi. Might need to rethink that now.

Just seen my down on the joystick is not working so will need to remove the control panel and recheck the connection.

You need to get an official pi power supply. A phone charger works differently to a proper power supply and typically only supplies 1 amp. The official charger pumps out 2.5 amps

I will order one of those shortly.