Picade built but nothing happens

So I finally built my Picade with a 10 inch screen and raspberry pi 3b+. Only thing is the power adapter I got before hand is micro USB and not USB c. My phone charger is USB c to USB so I used that but when I plugged it into the picade and tried to boot it up nothing happened. No lights, nothing on screen, nothing to indicate any life. My question is, is it the power supply? Do I need a proper USB c power supply and not just a charger lead with an adapter? Or is it the power button thats the problem? Or could it be the x hat on the pi itself may not be connected properly? Any help will be much appreciated

OK as an update I found out the power issue was because the x hat wasn’t plugged into the pi properly but now I have a display issue. On the screen it says hdmi in the corner of the screen, then the screen goes blank and then it’ll come up with hdmi in the corner again and it just keeps doing this. Occasionally the retropie logo will pop up but the screen will go blank again

What are you using for a power supply? A phone charger isn’t a good choice as it may not be able to supply its rated voltage under a high load. I would recommend the official Pi 4 USB C power supply that is rated for 3A and will deliver a nice steady 5V out. Pick the one that matches your country’s AC wall plug etc.

did you follow these instructions:

After installing RetroPie on an SD card, and before booting it up, make sure you edit your /boot/config.txt and add or uncomment (remove the # before) hdmi_force_hotplug=1 . Since the display is powered from the Pi it wont be properly detected at startup, so this is required to make it work.

I had the same issue but did not follow this once done properly no issues…