XHAT not responding


So… I was able to get my pi to load retropie (3B). I had already had a host of issues with my picade, and support kindly shipped replacement parts. (Thank you!) I currently can’t get the built in screen to work unless I boot up entirely in an external monitor and then switch the cable to the OEM one. Not sure why. My main priority is this. When I plug into the XHAT, the pi boots up. So far so good. But, the LED doesn’t power up, and, as far as the OS can see, the arcade buttons don’t exist. I’m not sure if the led should light up, but it doesn’t.

Here is a photo of it. The buttons don’t respond (they are attached properly), and the XHAT doesn’t seem to do ANYTHING but power the pi. I was able to get some stuff running via my external keyboard over USB. Can someone help?

Thanks! -Bobrobot1


Here’s some more info:

8” screen
New picade
Seemed to be mishandled during shipping (thanks to pimoroni for sending replacents for broken pieces!)
Buttons, joystick, are unresponsive. All wired correctly.

Edit 2: speaker isn’t working either. I got Galaga up and running and it didn’t play sounds through the speaker. (I used the same rom on my Mac so I know it does HAVE sounds)


What are you using for a power supply and what is its current rating?


Have you run the Picade HAT installer script? A lot of your problems sound like missing software setup.


Another issue with my PiCade was that the OEM power supply was missing. I used the power supply that came with my KANO Raspberry Pi Kit (2016 version). It’s 5.25V, 2.5A. It has a USB-A Male to 2 MicroUSB Male cable. The microusbs went into the xhat and display. (It fixed the display issue!)

It powers the pi great! No voltage issues when I used raspberrian on it before.


How do I do that? Where would that be located?


Connect a USB keyboard to your Pi, and connect to Wi-Fi in the RetroPie menu. Press F4 to exit to the terminal and then type curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash to run the Picade HAT installer.


Will try. Thank you so much for the response.

Edit: didn’t work.


I don’t believe the Picade has ever shipped with a power supply, since it doesn’t ship with a computer and you could be fitting a mini PC in there.

Did you encounter any errors setting up the software with the instructions above?

Are you using a fresh download of RetroPie?