Picade 10" Screen Update Power Issue Driver Board?

I’ve installed my 10" screen on my 2018 Picade. I’m running a raspberrypi 3B+, official power supply and the Plasma buttons (I even tried removing the power from these to no avail!)…

The pi loads and one it is fully loaded into Retropie/Emulation station the screen continuously flickers off, then I see the HDMI logo in the corner and the screen comes back on again. I think this is saying the driver board is going on and off.

There is a purple led on the driver board between the power and hdmi wires and when the screen goes out, so does the purple led.

**It may be some sort of a resolution thing because when a screen saver video comes on it stays on. When ever it switches to another video it goes out as well. When on the main screen it constantly flcikers on and off. The main screen to me is where you choose which emulator to enter. Then if you do go into an enulator it still flashes on/off and the videos do not play for the previews of the games…

Anyone have any ideas? Is this a resolution thing? driver board thing? emulationstation thing?


Through trial and error I’ve figured out the issue is that the USB stick I am using in conjunction with the screen is drawing too much power on the PI. I’m not sure of anything I can do about that except to remove the USB stick and run the games off the SD directly.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Yeah, that sounds very likely to be the cause. The combination of Pi 3 B+, the 10" display, and Plasma Buttons is right on the limit of what the 2.5A power supplies can provide, so anything else could easily tip it over the limit.

You could try reducing the brightness of the backlight on the LCD a little through the menu, and that would reduce the amount of current being pulled.

The other option would be to use a separate power supply for the display driver board.

I think the next version of the Picade X Hat should take a more powerful power supply, provide a USB port for powering a screen and send the right regulated power to the PI!! New product enhancement!!

Hi to all, i’ve opened a tread about the simil problem with the screen but no answers for me.
Nothing. :(

So, the situation is this? The Raspberry is not compatible with this screen?

Only solution is a spiderman (double charger) approach?

The problem is only mine? Pleae help me!

Adafruit sell a 5V 4A power supply, https://www.adafruit.com/product/1466
And a 5V 10A power supply, https://www.adafruit.com/product/658
They are barrel jack though, not Micro USB. I have one of each and just used an adapter.
I used this panel mount jack, https://www.adafruit.com/product/610 and made up my own cables to feed my Pi 3B+ and Pi foundation 7 inch screen. I just cut the end off of two USB cables and soldered them to the panel mount jack. Then just plugged the other ends into the micro USB power jacks on the Pi and display.
There are other plug and play adapters there to do it another way with just adapters and splitters.

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