Picade Screen 10' Quality Downgrade

Hi to all!!
I hope for your help forum.

I built my picade 2018. Everything works perfectly - I have powered with 2 separate cables: 1 monitor and 1 raspberry - none of my rechargers was suitable.

Birth of the problem:
I bought a Aukru 5V 3A charger now.

I’ve attached to picade and connected 10 'screen with HDMI to raspberry USB.
Everything works fine with a single loader. but too bad resolution.

The resolution of my monitor has gone to be blessed. :(

Now the retropie font is grainy and all games show poorer graphics with halos.
Perhaps the charger is not suitable?

The bad bad news is that now, even if I attack the old 2 power supplies - to have separate monitors and raspberry, the graphics are always compromised.

How do I solve?

I hope so much for your help!

Thanks a lot!

No idea?
I’ve written the post wrogly?

No official Pimoroni Team has read?



Could you provide a photo, please?

The first image shows strange circles bars.
The second image shows the problem about fonts
The Third the evident problem of resolution.

This 3 problems not appears in separately alimentation.


some opinion about screenshot?


Looks like your Pi isn’t providing the native resolution of the display.
You could try to add:
to your config.txt file, that will force the native resolution of 1024x768 @ 60Hz


I’ve Tried Yet. Kai.
Thankyou so mutch but not work.


Other Solution?

Hi to all.
I’ve solved with Kai solution.

Now working fine!

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Great to hear - sorry I wasn’t quicker off the mark.