No Sound Out of Picade


Hi Guys

When i turn on my picade i get no sound. Also, when i plug in my speakers the screen blanks out and the controlls freeze up.

I am running retropie 4.1.0


What do you n mean by plug in my speakers?



What power supply are you using?




To badboybubby- I am using a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack connected from the Pi to the PCB. The PCB is wired to the speakers.
To Paulcheffus- I am using a standard Samsung charging brick.

I don’t know the specs of it but i will post them soon.


When i plug the headphone jack in, my Pi freezes up and the screen shuts off. Also, the 2 lights on the Pi 3 go off, then the red one starts blinking. Then the sounds come out for a second then decline in volume until they are completely quiet.

I am using the Pi3 Model B

Any help is appreciated



That suggests the power supply isn’t powerful enough. You need at least 2.5A for a Pi3.




Thanks! I will try that and post back soon. If they do not have an adapter of that spec on this webiste, I will get one from Adafruit.

Thanks for your help.


Yep, that’s a power supply issue. Get the official raspberry pi one.