Picade No Sound

Hi there

I have a Picade arcade machine running a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B using RetroPie.

If I plug headphones in to the Pi directly, I get good sound.

If I plug headphones in to the Picade PCB board headphone jack (with the 3.5mm cable connected from PCB to Pi), I get poor sound in the left ear only.

If I remove the headphones, I get no sound from the speakers at all.

I have made sure the settings in RetroPie are outputting to 3.5mm.

Any suggestions? Is there an alternative PCB board I could wire the 2 speakers to (a red and black cable each) and connect directly to the Pi perhaps?

Thank you

Just to add I also keep getting the command line error LV10 something about audio mixer?

Could you post a photo of the Picade board and, if possible, a close-up shot of the headphone jack, please?

Thank you for your reply.

I plugged my iPod in to the Picade PCB audio jack and the sound played nicely through the Picade speakers. Then I plugged the Pi back in and I got sound for the first time…but with horrendous buzzing and hissing. I could hear the actual sound only if I put the volume up incredibly loud, and then could just about hear the game music beneath the buzzing and hissing.

I unplugged the Pi audio and the buzzing and hissing remained…even with no audio jack in the Picade PCB whatsoever!

So in the end I removed the speakers completely and plugged my external speaker system in to the Pi and have good sound via that now and no hissing.

I had tried to delete this post yesterday but couldn’t find a way to as I no longer required the assistance. Sorry about that and thanks again for offering to help.