No sound from picade

Hi all
Ive got a problem with my picade :(
All i get from speakers is hissing and game sound is barely audiable, any ideas olease guys?

Firstly, make sure you’ve turned the volume up using the side buttons on the console.

If that doesn’t work, check you’ve connected the 3.5mm audio correctly, one end in the Picade PCB and the other to your Raspberry Pi.

If that doesn’t work make sure you’ve forced audio to ignore the HDMI audio carry and utilise 3.5 mm headphones instead, you also need to do this in both your pi config AND Retropie configuration menu.

Hope this helps


Hi Scott

Thanks for the heads up :)

How do i do these things? Is it in the config menu?
Im not running retropie im running the other one?? I forget! Lol

Not sure about other emulator front ends but you need to get your sound re rooted from HDMI first

Follow the instructions here to force the sound to go through the headphone jack and NOT HDMI

Excellent Scott

Thanks buddy