Screen tuns off mid game, but only with full volume?

Hi folks,

My new PiCade build is working mostly pretty well, after adding a few line to the boot config I can have the sound on full without any hiss at all but when I do have it on full occasionally during a game the screen will turn off for a couple of seconds.

I am assuming this is a power issue (I am using the Genuine 2.5Amp Pi PSU) as it only happens with full volume?

I am yet to try uncommenting “config_hdmi_boost=4” but I do have “disable_audio_dither=1” and “max_usb_current=1” in there already.

Is there a better power supply than the Genuine Pi one that anyone has come across?

Did you try a separate power source for the LCD Panel?

This happens with mine too.

Even with a seperate power supply for the screen (I have a 12.1" screen with a seperate power supply) it happens, because it’s the audio amplifier on the picade board which is drawing too many amps at full volume.

I think someone posted the specification for the amp on here a while back, and if memory serves me right it draws up to 3A at full volume.

So pretty much any Pi power supply is not going to have enough amps.

The solution would be to use a different audio amp altogether, and power it seperately, I guess.

However I opted for the cheaper option of simply relocating the power buttons to the back of the picade, using blanking panels on the old holes, so that no-one inadvertently increases the volume too high (which was the main issue for me, I am happy enough with volume at about 75%).

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Thanks folks, I didn’t yet try another PSU.

Perhaps it’s a better idea to try a separate one for the PiCade board?

I assume it’s just 5V too as mine came with a USB connection on the other end of the lead for it?

Silly question but have you made sure that the volume slider for Retropie is on max? My Picade was quiet until I discovered the volume slider was only about 75% in Retropie. After maxing that out I really didn’t have any reason to turn the Picade volume up too much anymore.

Yeah, don’t get me wrong…it was really loud!

I was reliving my youth playing Galaga and had it maxed out, it wouldn’t normally be that loud but it sure sounded good.

I have a PSU I use to charge batteries for my RC gear which has adjustable voltage and current but it might be a bit overkill (and loud) for this project!

"The PS600 Adjustable is a regulated 5~15V power supply with current limiting from 0~40A. With an LCD readout showing the voltage and current being supplied, this unit is ideal for high power chargers

  • Input Voltage: 220~240V AC
  • Output Voltage: 5~15V DC Regulated
  • Current Rating: 0~40 Amps
  • Output Connections: 4mm Banana Sockets / Clamps"

Is that possible swith to a USB Y cable fix the problem?

If you will upgrade the LCD to 12" , try to get a LCD driver board with Speaker output… Since it use HDMI as audio source, it will fix the hiss noise problem too.

I wonder if something like the charger below would be a better option…

Has anyone tried them?