Picade White Screen on TV

Hey All,

Finally built my Picade after 8 months of receiving it as a birthday present. Awesome bit of kit - but the final step - the powering up has left me at a loss. The Symptoms:

Screen goes blue and black, then blue then black and stays that way
The Screen Button Board LED is Red with a few flickers
The Speaker have a loss hiss after a few seconds upon intialising

I have the hotplug HDMI in the config set(uncommented).
If I plug the Pi into my TV - I get the console kick in then the splash screen for RetroPie, then Emulation Station Loading and then a white screen and thats it.

Any help here would be very much appreciated.



What version of RetroPie are you using? It sounds like something is wrong with the software setup.

You might try using one of their pre-made images.