Picade screen upgrade

Hi. I purchased a picade with the tiny 8" diag 61/2" wide viewable screen when first released years ago.
Love it but screen was way too small. My kids started using it so decided to upgrade to the 10" screen.
Why when everyone shows the 10" screen they actually have the 12" installed? Anoying.
Even pimorini website clearly shows 10" viewable screen filling whole cabinet.
I’ve always known screens are measured diagonally. I looked on the website and saw pic of 8" upgrade which would be 10" diag and pic of 10" screen filling whole cabinet. Presumed they measured by width so ordered the 10" only to realise it’s the 8" wide 10" diagonal screen. Not what I wanted but serves me right surfing the net at four in the morning after work. Scrolled down the description to find screen dimensions don’t match pics. Slightly misleading to show different pictures.
Search is on for a bright bigger screen lol

Our current Picade is smaller than the original model - that’s why the photos of the 10" Picade show the screen filling the whole cabinet.

We’ve not sold a 12" screen for some time as they were becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of (part of the reason we switched to 10" as default!). You might find a suitably sized HDMI screen panel on AliExpress perhaps (though we found 4:3 panels to be becoming increasingly rare unicorns - everything’s widescreen these days!)

If the 10" panel is unsuitable and you need our returns details please drop support a line :)

Issue 1 of the picade is bigger and can take a 12.1 4:3 screen.

I built one last year and managed to pick up a Samsung LTN121X1-L02 12.1 for £20 and the LCD Controller Driver Board for LTN121X1-L02 DIY Kit (HDMI+DVI+VGA) M.NT68676.2 for another £20.

It took alot of patience and double checking model numbers and revision numbers getting it.

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