12" TFT upgrade - current situation (March 2018)


Hello to all 12" Picade fans

I thought it was a good idea to start a new thread to summarise the discussion about 12" screens for the Picade. The existing threads are very long…

What are we speaking about?

  • LCD TFT screen, 4:3, maximum physical size about 264x210 mm to fit into the Picade with (almost) no modification to the case
  • including controller with HDMI input

Nice to have:

  • 1024x768 (XGA) instead of 800x600 (SVGA)
  • good luminosity (LED is better than CCFL)
  • good contrast (LED is better than CCFL)
  • viewing angle (LED is much better than CCFL)

The market as of today (4.3.2018):

  • Samsung LTN121XL01-N03 (XGA, LED): seems not to be available any more. “Displaysscreen” pretends it is “in Stock” but I ordered one two weeks ago and they refunded me because they cannot deliver it (unfortunately, I had already ordered a controller for it…
  • IVO M121GNX2 (XGA, LED): available on eBay with controller for $185, look at this post of “coffeefueled”. Much too wide (279mm), would need a big modification of the Picade, a no-go?.
  • SHARP LQ121S1LG75 (SVGA, LED): widely available on eBay including the controller for $110. 1mm too wide (265mm) but the Picade should accomodate it after loosening a few screws and a modification to the fastening of the screen (because of the big electronic module at the bottom of the panel)… It is not really a SHARP screen, only some generic but I hope that the specs are the same.
  • No-name CCFL (XGA, CCFL): a few models available on ebay, many with miserable luminosity and viewing angle. This one has viewing angles of about 45° in all directions. Size OK, no modification of the Picade necessary.

At the moment, I guess my choice is between the “SHARP” LED TFT with SVGA (hoping that the generic one has the same specs as the original) with a modification to the Picade, or a less good one with CCFL and XGA (No-name). As I play mostly older games (MAME 80’s, ZX Spectrum, Amiga) with low resolution, I suppose that the brighter “SHARP” SVGA would be the better choice.

@all who have done the modification: which screen type did you use, are you satisfied with it? Would you buy it again?

@all who are still searching: what are YOUR thoughts? Any alternatives?


12.1 Inch Display Question

The Sharp is a TN panel, so could have some issues with viewing angle? I will probably go with the Samsung LTN121XP01 (~$125 USD from Ali / eBay), as PVA seems like a good alternative to the LTN121XL01 PLS. Hopefully this control board will work with it, I also ordered one early thinking Displayscreen would come through.


You’re probably right, good viewing angles are important. Therefore, I have ordered a LTN121XP01 and I hope that brightness and contrast (both less than the LQ121S1LG75 ) are good enough.

Anyways, it should fit better than the LQ121S1LG75 in the Picade.


Does anybody know what product actually used the LTN121XL01-N03 display? Was it a laptop, tablet, or picture frame? I’m thinking there has to be something out there being sold that’s broke but has a healthy display.


After some searching I found another source for the LTN121XL01-N03. Shipping is a lot higher than Displayscreen, but I e-mailed them and they said it’s in stock. If anyone finds another source don’t hesitate to post it.



I have asked elecok.com exactly thesame a few das ago and they didn’t answer…

I would hesitate ordering a LTN121XL01 in China at the moment as displaysscreen.com wrote me the following after cancelling and refunding my order: “this time LTN121XL01-N03 not very good condition”

@ Picard: please let us know if you are succesful!


Here’s the reply I got so others can make their own purchase decision. Not gonna order due to the high shipping cost ($41 to Canada), but at least the option is there.

elecok_service AT elecok DOT com
Mar 5 (3 days ago)
to me
Hi dear,

Thanks for your letter.

We have LTN121XL01-N03 12.1" a-Si TFT-LCD,Panel for SAMSUNG new in stock,with 3 month warranty.
The price is 113.98USD/pcs,you can place order here: https://www.elecok.com/ltn121xl01-n03-12-1-a-si-tft-lcd-panel-for-samsung.html

The standard delivery time is 6-10days.
The expedited delivery time is 3-5days.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


Just a heads up that ELECOK.com is now out of stock on the LTN121XL01-N03 screen. I ordered it a few hours after you posted and this morning they canceled my order saying they “just sold out”. It’s frustrating because I purchased the controller for $30 on eBay and that was already shipped.

So I guess I’m still looking for a LTN121XL01-N03. Any more ideas? Also do we know what device this monitor came from? Maybe we can find a used one?


Wow that sucks, must both have the same supplier then.

Anyways I bit the bullet and ordered a LTN121XP01 (eBay has a 20% off coupon today). Might take a while but I’ll report how it works once all the parts come in.


Quick update! I found 3 places that are selling the LTN121XL01-N03 screen! (One of them we already know about, but my order shipped from them anyway…weird.)

Displays Screen (mentioned previously in this thread) sent out my order a few days ago.
I ordered from their site AFTER it was mentioned that they had run out of stock, just trying to roll the dice. No cancellations, and I got a DHL tracking number!

Screens Stock
This is the cheapest shipped to the US, but mine was sent China Post and said it could take 14-27 days to arrive. Eiek. I was not given an option for shipping. Also of note, after paying with PayPal I noticed the email address of this company is the same as Displays Screen above. shrug

I found this company from a deep Google search. They were the most expensive at $164 shipped for the screen via DHL. When I ordered, I never got a confirmation email from the company, except for my PayPal receipt. I also never got an email that my item shipped. I did, however, get a text message from DHL saying they picked up my package so… shrug again

So now I have 3 of these screens coming to me.


Was it a mistake to post the same URL for the last two stockists?


adster I can confirm, Displayscreen sent me an e-mail 2 days ago that the LTN121XL01-N03 was back in stock.

What I found out is the glossy XL panel is designed for laptop and the matte XP for tablet. I agree, would be nice to find out what products use(d) it. Very different despite the similar model #



I ordered a screen from Displaysscreen in December. Screen arrived DOA and like others have posted I can not get it to power on. EBay seller for controller provided awesome service and sent me a second controller for free but warned it sounded like screen was defective.

I sent at least 6 emails to displaysscreens with no response and had given up hope when I finally received a single response. Another 6 emails later no more responses and I have just accepted that the money spent on this screen and controller have been wasted. Now looking at the other options in this thread…