12" TFT upgrade - current situation (March 2018)


I thought about the 10.1 inch too. I’m sure it could work but I decided to go the 12.1 route since I was going to spend the money might as well get the extra size. After upgrading I think the 12.1 is the right size for the picade. It looks great and fits nicely in the case.


In regards to the monitor. I ordered the L03 as well and I just got it. However I am getting a very bright screen. I checked and reseated all the connections, and tested the driver board configurations but no dice. Did you experience similar issues with the L04?


I had the same issue at first. how are you powering this 12.1 inch screen? It may not be getting enough power.


I am using a 12v 5a power supply. It doesn’t show in the pic, but the LED lighting for the screen is very bright. I don’t think it was hooked up properly in the screen. It’s literally washing out the screen details. Looking at the screen in an angle sort of helps but obviously, head on its nearly washed out.

This is the control board I bought for the screen.


Maybe that is the issue. Mine is 12v 2a


I think my power supply is 4amp. If upgrading your power supply does not work can you take a picture of the lvds cable on the side that goes into the panel? Since I order the driver board separately my pins were all wrong and I had to move all the pins around to get mine to work correctly.


Alright here is a snapshot of the pins:


Yeah it looks like your pins are not in the correct order. I am having trouble getting pictures of mine. I will try again in the morning with more light. In the mean time you can do what I did. I traced every pin and moved them around to align with these three pictures.


Oh thank goodness, that did the trick. I didn’t have to change any of the inverter cables, but the GND & RX3 cables were out of place. Once I fixed those, the monitor up and working. I did accidentally snip a cable (removing the fabric tape covering the cables), but a bit of solder and shrink tubing fixed that up.

Thanks for that pinout chart!


Cool I’m glad they helped! LCD picture looks good. Mine just came with the generic pin out and I had to move them around quite a bit to match the L03 pin out.



I have just upgraded my Picade to a 12" screen and I am thoroughly pleased. I came across this thread just after posting in another 12" screen thread, but the bottom line is that I was able to obtain an Eyoyo 12" 1024x768 panel from Amazon, though a bit on the pricey side. Listing said it was IPS, and I am quite sure it’s CCFL backlit. Using the ‘steepest’ Picade mount holes, brightness and horizontal viewing angles look great, though vertical not so much.

I’ve uploaded images to Imgur each with a description. The panel itself is labeled “LT121XJ01” but I couldn’t find anything referencing that model online. Hope this info can help in some way!


Have anybody tried to used an Ipad 9.7 screen? Ver. 1 and 2 screens are 1024x768 PVA LED with good contrast:


And they can be found in ebay very cheap. Somebody have used them for the iCade cabinets with an HDMI controller:



On the other hand, I found this alternative to the Samsung 12.1 panel:


which can be got for more or less the same amount as the Samsung. This is however, a MVA panel, with 800x600 res (good enough for emus, I assume), good angles, LED backlight and 1500:1 contrast ratio!

Does anybody know of a controller board that could be suitable for this panel?



Just thought I’d share my story about upgrading to a 12" display.

I ordered this 12.1" display from Aliexpress vendor VS DISPLAY:
Description: “HDMI LCD Cotntrol Board With 12.1inch 1024x768 LTN121X01 N121X5 LCD Screen”
Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/HDMI-LCD-Cotntrol-Board-With-12-1inch-1024x768-LTN121X01-N121X5-LCD-Screen/810849_32854926032.html
Cost: $83.60 (USD)

This panel needs a 12VDC power supply. I bought this one from Amazon:
Description: “Tingkam UL Listed US Plug AC 100-240V to DC 12V 3.3A Power Supply Converter Transformer Adapter for 3528/5050 White/ RGB LED Strip Lights”
Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y1JDV4Y
Cost: $6.99 (USD)

I removed the 8" display from my Picade, cut the black overlay to size, and installed this display. Worked like a charm! I now have a 12" display on my Picade!

Good luck to you all on your display upgrade journey!


Did you have to do anything different for the new 12V power.?I’m considering this, but I’m crap when it comes to electrical work.


I thought I might have to change the connector on the 12V wall wart, but it was the correct connector out of the box. The barrel power connector on the 12V wall wart plugged right in to the display power board.