Picade Alternative Displays


It’s difficult to make recommendations, since single quantities of these displays are usually sourced from EBay which I don’t personally use and I can’t vouch for any specific seller.

However I’ve found several kits like this on EBay which closely match the 12.1, 1024x768 display we managed to get a small quantity of:


Obviously I can make no guarantee that these will work with the Pi, or fit, or even turn up, but they’re out there!

Basically, the checklist is:

  1. Comes with a driver board
  2. is HDMI-capable
  3. is 4:3 aspect ratio, ideally: 12.1" at 1024*768 fits this nicely
  4. is small enough to fit in the cabinet ( I forget what the maximum dimensions are )

It’s easy enough to find widescreen panels, but the larger ones tend to be too wide for the cabinet and you’re going to have to windowbox them to get the right aspect ratio out of your games, so it’s all wasted space.

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I purchased the top display from the same seller on eBay and can confirm it works excellently. It arrived fairly quickly as well…



Hi Graham / Gadegetoid

I think I may try one of these 12.1 displays. How do they sit behind the perspex for the 8 in screen? I assume I need a new perspex without corner screw holes? (or just put up with the holes :) )



Paul, I originally bought the picade with the 8" screen as I couldn’t buy yet BYOS and 12.1 from pimoroni.

Once I bought the 12.1" screen it was just a matter of cutting the black screen template. The original perspex bracket fits the 12.1" screen so there is no changes there.



Perfect thanks Graham. Going to get one from the first link like you did.