Picade - BYO Screen Availability


I started looking to buy a Picade - BYO screen a little over a month ago, but they are never in stock. I was curious how often they are in stock or if I should just buy the Picade with the 8 inch screen which I would prefer not to do since I really want the 12 inch screen. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Honestly I don’t think Pimoroni will ever sell the 12.1 inch again due to supply. I purchased the kit with the 8 inch and then bought from ebay. it fits and works perfect. Just so you know you will a separate power supply to power this screen since the pi can’t push enough power for it and everything else. Unless you rig something up.



Thank you for your reply. I know that they discontinued the 12.1 inch screen, but I was more curious about the Picade - BYO screen kit. I was planning on buying a 12.1 inch screen from another seller, so it did not make sense to buy the Picade kit with the 8 inch screen. Unfortunately, I have not seen the Picade - BYO screen kit in stock since I started looking a month and a half ago. I e-mailed support and they said they would have more stock, but that was a month ago. Hopefully, they will have more stock soon. Thanks.


We can barely make Picade fast enough, so I’m guessing they prioritised building screen-inclusive units for simplicity’s sake. Sorry that it’s left you in the lurch! I’ll poke and prod to see if BYO screen kits are imminent.


Oh please… almost all components I need are either already bought or on the way :) Lets get that BYO Screen kit selling again Pleeeeeeeease ^_^ #picadesperate


Thanks for checking. I just want to make sure the BYO kit hasn’t been discontinued because if it is I will just get an 8 inch kit. Thanks again.


Hello all…

@gadgetoid could you please confirm what is the status of the BYO Screen kit availability?

Thanks in advance.


They will be back in stock, eventually, but unfortunately I can’t get a confirmed date as to when!


Thanks for that @gadgetoid, hoping its not gonna be too long a wait ^_^


Hey guys, reviving the thread again…
anyone out there waiting on the BYO Screen to become available again?

Fernando #picadesperate


The BYO screen kits have not become available since I posted this thread. I ended up purchasing an 8 inch screen Picade kit.


BYO Screen kit is in the mail! :D
no longer #picadesperate now I am #picadepedent! ^_^