12" Picade Screen

Hi, Does anyone know where I can purchase the 12" Picade Screen from?

sorry if this has been asked before



the 12" screen hasn’t been available for a while on the site.

searching on eBay gives a few options.

i have one of these 12.1" LCD screen that works fine.


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Hi Mike, thanks for that.

I haven’t received my Picade but I also wanted to ask if there is an optional plate that fits around the 12" screen? unsure if you get this with the picade kit of if you just get the 8" one.

i’m sure if you asked the Pimoroni Guys nicely they would send you a 12" surround.

personally i’ve just used one of the templates on the forum and printed my own surround. or you could use back card or even plasticard, measured and cut to size.


I can confirm : I bought one of these screen on eBay, and Mark from the support sent me a 12" shim. These guys are really great, believe me :)

I bought the picade with the 12" screen when they were still in stock. I received both the 8" and 12" screen shim/bezel in the picade box :)

Well guys looks like I’m out of luck, emailed support and they cannot supply me one :(

Might have to make one but I don’t have the dimensions of the inner cutout.

Thanks for the heads up on the 12" display source on eBay @mikekim! Going to add this to my picade build and I will let everyone know how it goes. Now to wait for it all to arrive…


I bought the same one yesterday. Can’t wait until it arrives.