Pre-sale question Picade

I’m interested to buy a Picade, but I’m interested to know if is possible to buy the same pack but with a 12inch monitor (and not 8inch), and if is possible to change the button color

Thanks for reponse

Unfortunately we can’t make up custom kits, but you can buy replacement buttons from us ( or from dozens of other suppliers if you want clicky, silent, light-up, cherry MX switches or any of the other choices out there.

We don’t have any 12" monitors left, and have been unable to find any stock. They’re a dead form-factor and resolution with no big-box retail product to keep manufacturers interested in producing them. There’s a trickle out there, though, and if you search these very forums you’ll find plenty of users who’ve successfully purchased and installed one from EBay.

Hey FYI I bought this one from ebay and this exact seller and it worked like a charm.

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I used the same screen as mentioned above, same Ebay seller in China.

it took a couple of weeks to arrive but once it did it was pretty straightforward to fit - there’s no instructions but the image on the listing basically shows you all you need to know. It actually fits the picade cabinet better than the 8" one (which kept slipping a little in my build). This one is a perfect fit. You’ll need to either cut the existing black card bezel or make a new one from black card.

You’ll need a 12v power supply for it too though - it won’t run off the 5V USB power like the original 8" screen does.

I got this one and it works fine.

As for the screen, it’s okay for the price - you can get better quality ones for more money, but this does the job - on mine there is slight uneven lighting ( the bottom is lighter than the top, noticeable on dark static screens like menus) and the viewing angle is narrow - noticeable when someone else is playing and you are looking from the side. The contrast ratio isn’t as good as a more expensive screen. However for the most part, you are sitting right in front of it and playing a fast moving arcade game so these flaws aren’t too noticeable.

Here’s mine in action:

I got my buttons from

thanks for all reply

and… does is possible to buy only all electric componets (joystic+button+card, screen etc etc without external structure) ?

We have the HAT and parts kit, which is unfortunately currently out of stock, but you can see it here:

Thanks for reply
My interest is Just to buy all necessary part to construct a working console With my actual Rpi, With detailled instructions manual…

any solutions?

Sounds like you need the full Picade Kit (with screen) or the Picade BYO Screen Kit (without screen)? We have a full tutorial and video to show you how to build it.

Sure. My intention Was to made a wall suspence arcade.If I dont find Other solution, yes, i Will buy a picade With screen.