New user query - PiCade + 12” and others spare


I am a long time lurker and first-time poster. Before creating new thread I thought I would ask if it is allowed to try and find a new home for my spare PiCade?

I have a PiCade with 12” display fitted. I also have two full size arcade cabinets (self builds). One runs RetroPie with PiCade Hat (just updated to X) the other runs CoinOPS 8 with modded Xbox. I had thought of moving on the full size cabinets and bought a second PiCade to replace it but have since decided to keep them.

I assembled a full range of parts to build a PiCade to the same standard as my current model. All is new and unused. There is a PiCade kit with display, 12” IPS display with HDMI driver board (the one everyone recommends - I can get exact make and model from box when I retrieve it), PowerBlock for power control as I found this best on my previous models, PiCade HAT to upgrade controls, various chassis mount for power inlet, switch etc, switch mode power supply with sufficient current to satisfy everything and house all power internally. There are a few other bits and pieces. Basically a complete kit to build and enhance the PiCade. Overall I spent rather a bit acquiring all the parts - well over £400 at last count. I like to do things right!

Anyway, my query is this will now be spare. I had been considering eBay but thought I would ask here first to find out if I can ask for buyers and second to then seek a buyer. I would rather this went to a PiCade enthusiast rather than some random buyer (or partner Christmas present!) on eBay that ends up being neglected, not built or squandered!

Sorry if this is a bit rambling or not allowed. If against any rules I have not spotted please do not be too harsh on me as it will have been a genuine mistake!

Thanks in advance.