Picade Console sans buttons etc


Hi, just wondering if you might consider selling the Picade console without any internals for the real cheap-skates such as myself?

You already sell the picade board seperately, and when I built my Picade I ended up swapping out a lot of the buttons/joystick eventually anyway so have most of the component parts already.

What I don’t have is a decent controller enclosure, so if it was possible to purchase just the console, without any buttons, joystick, picade board, speaker or any other internals that might be an attractive option - just basically the case, plus perspex, and maybe the artwork.

Is that something that might be considered or does offerering the bare case like that make it commercially non-viable?


I would for sure get one. Good idea. I am waiting on that little tiny Picade that uses the 8 inch screen.


Yeah me too!

I’ve got my old 8" screen sitting patiently to be transplanted here!