Questions about Picade Console

I recently purchased the picade console kit and was able to assemble and it seems to be working fine. At this point I’m just playing things like Doom from the ports menu, but the joysticks and buttons work fine so I’m happy.

I did have a few issues with the build, but as far as I can tell there are no official instructions yet specifically for the console. Is that right?

The biggest question I had was about the hookup of the speaker, as there is only one speaker, does it matter if one connects it to the left or the right connector? Does the picade downmix to mono if the input from the pi is in stereo?

To be honest, I may end up just removing the speaker entirely as I’ll rarely use it (opting for audio over the HDMI output). In general, the console build is very tight for space, and I’m thinking of just using that space to facilitate cable routing.

The other issue I’m having is purely cosmetic, but along the lower edge of the top console side the acrylic doesn’t seem to lie tight against the inlay and the MDF. The worst place is in the lower right corner. But on the other hand there doesn’t seem to be any screws to necessarily tighten that side of the acrylic down either. Any advice as to what to look at to make that more flush? I can provide pictures of what is happening if it is useful.

Thanks for any thoughts.


There aren’t any official instructions as of yet, but a video is in the pipeline!

For the speaker just hook it up to left or right. A lot of the games will be mono sound anyway so it won’t make a difference. :)

Upload some pictures of the control panel. Because the acrylic should line up!


Just a followup on this, after a couple days playing with the console, I don’t think it is really an issue – or at least the problem is so small I really couldn’t get a good picture to demonstrate it. :)

Basically it’s not that the acrylic doesn’t lineup, just that it is a smidgen less tight against the mbf (and overlay between) on the bottom edge as opposed to the top edge. Basically if I wanted, I could get my fingernail, or a thin piece of paper under the acrylic, whereas the top edge is completely tight. It seemed more notable at first, and it’s possible as I retightened things it just lays down tighter now, or just from having my palms on the control as I play.

Anyway, not an issue. Thanks for getting back to me, I’m enjoying playing games on it.