Picade - nearly complete but some issues

HI all, first post.

Ok, i have in front of me my lovely Picade. Got a few teething problems (as us noobs seem have!)

First booted it up and Emulation station asks the controller set up question. Unfortunately, it said no controller detected so i used my wireless keyboard to navigate the menus. Have i missed something obvious (like an edit in config file) Im reasonably confident i’ve wired it up all ok! Should there be a light on the Picade board (mine hasnt)

Sound - Seems to be a common issue looking through the threads here. I too have no sound and I’ve sent it up via headphone AND then HDMI but still no joy. I recall having to change something in the config file to get retropie working on my TV via HDMI?

Thanks and apologies for my first post being questions!

If I remember correctly you should see a light on the Picade PCB when you press a button- this is the serial TX light.

Picade is detected as a Keyboard and not a game controller. I believe you should hold down a button to start configuration.

Have you updated your Picade PCB at all?

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Getting there slowly (forgetting to attach the Picade PCB power usb to the Pi didnt help. Noobs eh!!) Light now appears on the PCB

I’m currently updating retropie.

However, how does one go about updating the PCB?

I did get a bit of hissing from the speakings but no more.

Not defeated yet !

The instructions at the bottom of here should get you updated: https://github.com/pimoroni/Picade-Sketch/tree/master/update

Run these on the Pi and it should hopefully go pretty smoothly!

Ahh, afraid those instructions are a bit out of my comfort zone. i.e. i wouldnt have a clue about ‘cd into’ or using git pull!

Still cant get anything out of the joystick / top buttons / front buttons and left buttons but strangely the right volume buttons work!

i’ve pressed reset on the pcb.

Any pointers greatly received :). As i say, im virtually there but without being able to control anything, bit pointless :(

Have you re-set up the controller since getting the Picade PCB connected and working? Since if you bypassed the controller config by setting arbitrary keys with a wireless keyboard, those wouldn’t match up with the Picade keys.

Sorry for the delayed response, by the way, had this open on my workstation to remind me to reply then I went away for a while!