Issues (sound + controller) with Picade 10 inch

Hello everyone,

Apologies if my questions are dumb - i’m new at this :).

I just built a 10 inch Picade and I’m facing couple of issues:

  1. Sound related - in some emulators such as the ones for nes , mame the output sound is crippled. Works ok in psp, SNES, or if I am to play media files with vlc. Any ideas for me to try.

  2. Controller related - how can I have the analog controls mapped through the joystick, at the same time with the D-pad? The joystick does not work with some games as analog controls are expected and the joystick is set for the d ones

Thanks for your help,



Going slightly mad on the issues I am facing! If anyone can help, i would really appreciate the support.

I have a rpi 4 with the latest supreme image built, which I managed to configure it and worked perfectly on hdmi and Xbox controller. Was really happy at that time. Dreamcast, megadrive, SNES, nes, N64, psp and some mame games all working perfectly.

After moving the rpi into the 10 inch picade, the sound is garbled for some emulators and cannot be adjusted - stays at max all the time, the buttons mapping and actions are a big unknown for me . Small victory for me as I managed to get past the recording movies on the front button, by editing too many retroach.cfg files.

So can someone please point me towards how can I set it up properly? Shall I ditch the rpi4 and buy the older version?

Thank you,