Audio Issues on Raspberry Pi 3b


Hi Guys

Just built my 10" inch Picade and was quite surprised at how easy it went together and also the overall quality with it. So much so that I’m having some new Samurai Vader artwork created and buying matching buttons for it.

I’m also having a few little issues which at first, I thought were to do with the images that I’d written but have since decided to install RetroPie from scratch and copy roms from various builds to it.

I’ve run the script in the build instructions and the joystick and buttons appear to work as does the sounds at certain stages.

The issues I’m having are:

On the splash screen video, I get no audio through the speaker (it works elsewhere in emustation) but rather get it through the headphones when I connect them.

Also, some rom video snaps work whilst others don’t - think this might be inherited from the various images used. In game audio booms out the little speaker :)

The final issues is that I’ve a Pi/RetroPie before and don’t know how to map the coin and player start buttons for the arcade games.

Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated.




I can’t help you with the audio issues as I don’t use a splash screen video or rom video snaps.

For arcade games, the default setup is that the front left button should be the coin button, and the front right should be the start button.


If you’ve wired the buttons in your picade 10 inch exactly like in the instructions then the front 2 buttons act as coin (left bitton) start 1 player (right button).

When reconfiguring controls make sure the front left button is set as select and the front right as start and they will be coin and player 1 start in fba, mame etc


This may or may not help with splash screen audio issues


That’s awesome. many thanks for that - I’ll try it in the morning as Ive got my Picade at work ;)