Kickstarter picade audio not working


Hi I have a kickstarter picade and recently upgraded from a Raspberry Pi 1 B+ to a Raspberry Pie 3 B+

On the RPI1B+ I have audio coming out of the picade speakers :-)
On the RPI3B+ I have audio coming out of the Pi when I plug my headphones in but no audio when I plug in the speakers.

I’m running RetroPie previously I was running Pimame (renamed PIGAME)

Any ideas?


Hi Simon,

Daft question but have you tried the volume buttons to see if they make a difference at all? The audio is all on the Picade PCB so if it worked on the Pi 1 it should work on the Pi 3, as long as you have the lead from the Pi’s headphone socket connected to the Picade PCB. Might also be worth checking raspi-config to make sure audio is routed through the headphone socket rather than HDMI.




Thanks for the reply, my diagnostics are duff, I just tried another audio input and that is also not working and going back to the RPi1 is also not working, so I think I must have killed the Audio on the PICADE in some way :-(