Picade - No sound in splash screen or screen saver


Hello all, oddly, I have no sound when the picade boots up or when the screen saver kicks in. I do have sound in the Emulation Station and when playing games. Any thoughts on what I need to edit to get sound in mp4 start up videos and in the screen saver videos? Thanks :)


Hi !

I had same issue… but fixed it ;)

  • Edit the asplashscreen.sh located (usually) in Opt/retropie/supplementary/splashscreen/

  • Find the line omxplayer -o both -b --layer 10000 “$line”
    and change it for omxplayer -o alsa -b --layer 10000 “$line”

Reboot… and BOOM sounds is coming back !



Wow, thank you so much, the sound is finally working on my splash screen. I’m still not getting sound on the screen saver though, is there another file that needs editing? Or is the screen saver supposed to be silent? My screen saver is set to play 30 seconds of video from each game. Thanks again, you absolutely rock. :)


I found the setting to enable sound in my screen saver. I actually just went into the screen saver settings and turned off OMX Player, then the sound started working. Weird. Thanks again for your help on the splash screen. Really appreciate it.