Controls and button mapping

Well, I’m completely bummed out. Purchased the newest Picade this weekend. Took me much longer to build than I anticipated, had some damaged pieces including the speaker (had to purchase a soldering iron to fix one of the leads that shipped damaged). Then, on top of all of this, I can’t get the controls to function properly in any of the games.

When I plug in my XBox Wired USB controller, everything works.

When I try to configure the Picade, the joystick controller works perfectly. The buttons appear to map properly, but when I get back to the menu or go into games, the button mappings seem to change with every emulator / game. Sometimes the fire button is one of the six top buttons, other times, it’s the side button on the cabinet.

I’ve checked the connections several times and they are all correct. I built the Picade using the instruction manual and watching the YouTube Tutorial video. Everything is exactly as it should be.

For the sake of transparency, I am using a pre-built image. But again, the XBox controller works no problem. Also, all of the buttons are recognized when I am doing the controller configuration. All buttons appear to map perfectly. But then, when I go into a game, the buttons are all over the place. Sometimes one or two of them work, sometimes none of them work. It is incredibly frustrating to the point that I may return this machine if I can’t get it working. The whole point of this was to put it on my desk and use the built in controls. If I had wanted to use my XBox controller, I would have attached the Pi to a monitor (which WORKED just fine before buying the Picade) and use it that way.

Does anybody have any ideas why the control configuration is not working properly? Or can you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks :)

The problem was the pre-built image I was using. I created a fresh install and all is working perfectly. The only problem I’m having now is that I’m not hearing any sound when Retropie boots up with my mp4 videos or when the mp4 screen saver videos kick in. I created a separate topic for that issue.