Some buttons and joystick stopped working correctly

Run into a problem recently. My Picade was working fine and I’ve played several hours on it but then for no clear reason one of the buttons stopped working. Then a while later the joystick wouldn’t move left (up/down/right are fine). Then I went into the button configuration to see if something went wrong with the mapping but the mapping configuration isn’t picking up the key presses for left and the button I use for ‘fire’.

The only thing I’ve done is take the button out and swap it with a different button from the set… still didn’t pick it up so not a problem with the actual button.

Everything else is working fine. Where do I start bug hunting (bearing in mind I’m not overly technical or a super user).

I’d appreciate any input ;)

You know I had my Pi configured before my Picade came in. I had something similar happen. I went and reimaged the sd card and started over and it all worked fine.