Cannot get Picade buttons to map

Hello all.

First time poster here. I received my Picade and built it the last few days. I have everything working except for the buttons.

I’ve configured them multiple times in emulation station, erased all previous configurations, and tried just about everything I can think of, including searching these forums. It will not hold the binds that are configured. D-pad works, as do the volume and enter/escape. The actual game play buttons are my issue. Any ideas?

I tried firmware update, but wasn’t sure if it was successful or not. My picade is all brand new, so I’d be surprised if that was even needed.


Did you have any luck with this? What emulator were you trying? I think there are some EmulationStation control quirks that cause what you describe in some emulators, but I haven’t had enough experience with EmulationStation to run into them.