Control not working in Games

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I finished my 10 inch picade. I can map the buttons in the emulationstation and can navigate there. Every Button works fine there.
But if I open a Game no more button is working for me. Did everyone had the same issue and a solution for me?

What emulation system are the games you’re trying to run? Does the game startup OK? Do any of the buttons work in the game? Do any of the hotkey button combinations work in the game?

I use Retropie with more emulators.
Yesterday I found the solution. I installed a pre defined Image of a special themed Retropie. It looks like the internal process of Retroarch/Emulationstation doesn’t save the Controller inputs from the internal controller calibration tool.
So I have to hardcode every Emulator itself via nano Editor in the commando line. After I did and save that this way, there everything is working fine for me.

Maybe anyone have the same problem in the future. I mark this with solution. 👍