New Picade install, lots of control issues


Super frustrated with the current situation. Been working all night trying to get my dang picade to work, but no dice. The controls work fine in the Retropie menu, but when I launch FBA or any other emulator, the controls seem to work in the emulator menu but the games don’t seem to react.

I tried reinstalling the picade drivers and made sure my connections were all good. If it weren’t for the fact that Retropie’s main interface seems to register the Picade controls, I’d think it was a hardware problem.

So, it randomly started working today and I’m not sure why. However, I might have an idea:

The picade controls started working once I had completely disconnected my bluetooth 8bitdo controller. There are still multiple issues, namely that remapping controls is a pain in PSX, but there might be an issue with the two controllers playing nicely together. Anyone run into this before?

So, after a lot of confusion, I’m discovering even more weirdness around the picade controller and retroarch. In the config of any PSX rom, the key bindings for the joystick are completely broken. This is almost certainly where the rest of my woes are coming from, as it seems that the default key bindings for the picade within lr-psx-rearmed are all over the place. Even if I properly bind them in emulation station, the bindings don’t seem to follow into the PSX emulation.

Does anyone have a solution for this?