Controls trouble

I’m asking for your help because I think I’m going to go crazy. I installed a retropie image that I have been using for quite some time and which works perfectly with a usb and raspberry 3b controller. On the picade terminal, the controls are not recognized as necessary whatever the configuration. only the stick and 2 buttons work. I can’t add credit to run the games either. Anyway, I think I need to configure the controls in another menu.
Does anyone have a solution or has they experienced this problem before?
Sorry I’m not really familiar with Retropie and I’m really in trouble.
Thanks for your help.

Have you gone through Emulation Station’s Input Configuration wizard to assign the joystick and buttons to the appropriate functions?

yes it’s the first thing I did, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be taken into account that’s why I don’t understand where I can configure the controls.

You can try going into Retroarch and setting the key assignments in there, but if that doesn’t work you might have to edit config files manually, as per this thread…

Instead of the above, it may be easier to download the latest version of RetroPie and do a fresh install.

thanks for your help, I will study this. Indeed I would see if the problem comes from the fact that I use a pre-defined retropie image.
I’ll keep you informed.