Original Picade Console vs New

Can someone tell me the differences between the original Picade console and the newest edition? I know the new one is compatible with the Pi4 but other than that are there any differences?
I am looking to pick up a Picade Console but I saw the original online for much cheaper. I am just wondering if it’s worth picking up the old one for like $30 cheaper?


Screen size maybe, if you want the 10 inch screen you might need the new one.
A new one will get you a new joystick and new unused buttons. ;)
And as you mentioned, the Pi 4 compatible Picade X Hat.

The big thing for me, would be how much was the old one used. If they are selling it because it only gathered dust its likely a really good deal. If it was well used it may not be that good a deal.

Thanks! But I am actually looking for the differences between the Picade Console and the new Picade Console.

The Picade Hat is the big difference, its the X hat on the new one that is tailored to the Pi 4. It uses the new USC C 3 A power supply instead of the older 2.5A Micro USB one.

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I have a the new X-hat. I wonder if the case is the same on the Console? I was going to upgrade my old Picade but maybe I can upgrade this one?

The cutouts for the power plug etc may be different? I don’t own either, just so you know.

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