Old kickstarter Picade + Picade-X

I’m trying to use my original version Picade with Picade-X hat. The hat is so much simpler than the old board to set up and Matt’s video explainers have been very useful but I can’t see how to get power to the screen - there isn’t (as far as iI can see) a micro USB socket to accept power from the RPi. Im I missing something obvious?
Any help would be appreciated

I believe that’s done using one of these cables.
USB A to microB cable - Black - Pimoroni
One end plugged into the Pi’s USB port and the other to the diplays power jack.

Yeah any usb like the one alphanumeric posted should work right into the pi. That how I am powering mine now. I am not even using the picade x-hat. I am using the new 10 inch picade screen which has the micro usb for power. So I am using that same cord right into one of the usb ports on the pi. The issue might be is that screen you are using a 12v or 5v? The reason I ask is I used to have the old picade and I added a 12 inch screen which needed 12v so I had to rig it up. The new 10 inch picade screen is a 5v screen so you can plug it into the pi with no issue.

See here

Hi Guys - thanks for the responses. The board on my screen is probably older than angel’s. An I can’t work out how it should be powered

I see that barrel plug. Is that screen and 12.1 inch screen? If so I bet it uses or needs a 12v dc power source. I used one like this on my old picade before I sold it. HDMI LCD Controller Board With 12.1inch 1024x768 WLED Backlight LCD | eBay

You are only going to get 5v from the pi usb’s.

Thanks angel! You nailed it - I’ve just plugged a 12v centre+ psu into the barrel connector on the board and I,ve got a retro pi prompt! Result! Thanks again!

Nice! Enjoy those games.