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I am planning to by a Picade soon and I really want to use the 12.1 inch screen. Hard to find stock but I see some that were recommended from this forum off ebay. I will provide the link below. From what I read also Pimoroni has a possible new 12.1 inch coming soon. I read the specs either way for a 12.1 inch screen it needs a 12v power supply. I did some research and I found a power supply on amazon that can provide 12v for the screen and also has a 5v 2.4A usb port. Can someone give me some fed back to see if this would work. Just to clarify I want to use this power supply for a 12.1 inch screen and the usb port (5v 2.4A) for the Pi 3.

Estiq 120w Universal Ac/dc 12-24v Selectable Power Adapter with Supply Charger + Us Power Cord, for Most Laptop/notebook Smartphone Tablet and More, 8 Tip + 1 USB Port Kit, Black

Input: AC 90 - 264V , 50/60HZ, worldwide use.
Output: USB 5V/2.4A, 12V/ 15V/ 16V / 16.5/ 18V/ 18.5V/ 19V/ 19.5V/ 20V/ 22V/ 24V, 6A max.

Power Supply Link

Screen from Ebay 12.1 Inch screen from Ebay

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looks like it would work fine…

nice find…

I went with this instead and it works like a charm. I ordered my 12.1 inch
screen last night so the green usb port will do the 12v.

Quick Charge 2.0 RAVPower 40W 4-Port USB Quick Charger with iSmart for
Galaxy S7/S6/Edge/Plus, Note 5/4, LG G4/G5, Nexus 6 and more (Black)

Hmm, won’t you still need a correct power cable, which connects to area marked 1 in this diagram, at bottom left? Not clear how a USB port will connect to power this?


Same way the screen in the Picade kit connects to the USB port using the supplied cable which as a USB one end and a JST connector the other.



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I bought this for it so this should work as well.

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I see! Is there an Amazon link for that or does that usb to power cable come with the picade full kit?

The cable that is USB to barrel 5v to 12v I had to buy from amazon to be used with the item in the picture below. Now there is a cord that came with the full kit as a part of the 8 inch screen, The 12.1 inch screen needs 12v so that is why I bought cord from amazon. I will try the cord that came with the 8 inch screen which is a USB to JST power cable.

USB to JST power cable

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Hi there!
Thank you very much for all the useful info you have given.
Have you had a chance to try the USB-JST cable that was included with the 8 inches screen with the bigger one?
Is your 12" set up up and running now? Any changes you may have made in the meantime? I want to move to the 12" screen as well next autumn, so I’m beginning to prepare the shopping list for all the parts needed :-)

No the USB-JST did not work at all for the 12.1 inch screen. It didn’t even turn it on. I am thinking it is only regulated for 5v. The 12.1 inch needs 12v 1A at least. I went with the USB 5v to 12v barel from amazon.com and it works fine but it gets really hot after long play time. I didn’t want to risk anything so I just went with a second power source to use the barel connector on the screen pcd. I know it’s not the best having to plug in 2 plugs but hey I know the Picade/screen will be safe. I want to try another USB 5v to 12v from Adafruit. It may work better. Let me be clear. Maybe another USB-JST cable may work but just not the one that came with the 8 inch screen. Maybe there is another for 12v. Here it is what I may go with soon below.

USB to 2.1mm DC Booster Cable - 12V

At this time I am using something like this,

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I am going to save my 8 inch screen for a new Mini Picade Pimoroni is coming out with sometime soon. I saw it on the Bilge Tank

Mini Picade exact fit 8inch screen forward to the 25:47 mark of the video.

Thanks for the info on this. Having seen how good your 12" screen looks I’m sure it’s my next upgrade - and that’s interesting news from Pimoroni - and having a future use for my old 8" screen is further justification for an upgrade!

Two power supplies wouldn’t be too bad an option - but can you confirm, when you power down the Pi, does the (still powered) screen go into a standby mode by itself due to no longer receiving a signal?


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Hello. Yes like 2 seconds after the powerblock shuts the pi off the screens
shows no signal message on a blue screen and shows no display like a
standby mode. Then I unplug the screen power source.

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