Power 12.1inch screen



I hope somebody can help me. First, sorry for my english.

I purchased the Picade BYO without the screen. Everything is fine.
I have this screen:

HDMI VGA 2AV Reversing LCD Driver Board for 12.1inch LTN121X1 1024x768 LCD panelHDMI VGA 2AV Reversing LCD Driver Board for 12.1inch LTN121X1 1024x768 LCD panel.

I have this Usb power:

And I have this cable:

When I connect the screen with the cable to the usb power the screen is working but after 4 o 5 minutes the screen start to turn off and on, off and on like a loop.

If I touch the cable is almos burning.

Do you know any way to connect the screen with another method? Or make this one works.

I do not trust that cable, because like I said after 3 or 4 minutes it is like too hot almost burning.

I do not understand about electricity, that’s the reason if somebody can help me with an easy solution.

Thanks very much.



Get a 12v DC power supply would by my advice something like this.

The cable you have is only rated at 0.8A and the screen requires more current hence why it is getting hot.




~Thanks for you reply.

The problem is that I do not want have two cables to power the pi and another for the screen.
I would like just one charger for both the screen and the raspberry. That’s the reason why I bought the usb 5 port, to connect the raspberry and the screen, and that usb 5 port have it own power supply.

This is the reason why I’m looking for something that have just one cable, and can power the raspberry and the screen.



this very discussion can be found 3 topics before yours:


the part recommended there is rated for 3A. At the very least it’s a saner start.


Thanks for your help, but this is too complicate for me. I do not understand about electronics.

There is not another more simple method?



You can use a power extension inside the Picade like jopamo did. I used mine this way for some time and you only have to connect the power cord and everything boots up.


Finally I went for this:

and this:

I hope it works