My Pitendo.....Please share your thoughts

I just wanted to share my Pitendo. I still have some mods I want to make but here is what I have so far.

Started like this…

Ended up like this…

Here is the back inside…

Added my switch button (thanks to Alan Brown) for my petrockblog powerblock. It should be in next week or so.

Added my new SANWA LB-30-N-CW Clear Bat Top Model LB-30-N-CW

Now I am just waiting for my 12.1 inch screen. I should have it in a few days. It made it to the US today so hope it gets to my house soon.

I am also adding this…
Neutrik NAUSB-W-B Reversible USB Genderchanger (Type A and B) D-Housing Chassis Connector

It will be for a second usb controller to play as 2nd player. I need another controller for Gyromite (NES)

I have made so much artwork for the picade that I may just switch it out.

Pimoroni Picade Artwork Google Plus Collection. Feel free to follow. I will make more.

Today I was able to add the usb extender. Here is what it looks like. The second usb controller works great so now I can play Gyromite and let down the pillars. Now I just need to figure out to get the Rob the Robot to work with the Picade.

Today I finally got the 12.1 inch i ordered from Ebay. It works perfect and fits perfect. I went ahead and switched out the 8 inch screen for the 12.1 inch and also my art work. Had to have the Pimoroni Pirate on there. I did learn that 12.1 inch screen wants all of 12V. What i was using before just had it dim. I added a 12V 2A power supply and it worked perfectly. I guess I need to figure out an all in one power solution. Just waiting on my Petrockblog Power Block.

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I have a 12v 5a supply for mine in case I wanted to change the screen to 12" later. The pi is supplied through a car 12v DC to 5v DC 3a converter.



OK here is an update. Today my USB 5V to 12V Barrel cord USB 5v to 12v barrel cord came in. When I combined it with the Quick Charge 2.0 RAVPower 40W 4-Port USB Quick Charger using the green port which is up to 12V 2A the 12.1 inch screen worked like a charm. So now I can have just one cord to plug in to the outlet and have everything run off the charger. Now just waiting for the Powerblock to be able to safely power off the Picade.


Power Switch for the Raspberry Pi


Incredible work, thanks for share, i want to make some mods to my picade.

Can you share the model or where you buy the 12.1’’ screen?

Thanks a lot.

This is what I bought from EBay. Look at this on eBay

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12" screen and an external USB plug is definitely the way to go. Looking ace!

OK I think this is my last mod for my Picade. I finally received my PowerBlock from and after installing the drives it works flawlessly.

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I am going to add one more mod to my Picade. I will add a HDMI Feedthru. This is for when i want to connect my Picade to a big screen tv but I can either use the onboard joystick and buttons or use the USstrong text controller that i have added. This will also be helpful if I want to play movies via Kodi I can show it on a big screen tv.

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Amazing work! At this point I want to pay you to build mine!! ;)

Why did you decide to use the USB Quick Charger to power the screen and Pi? Did you consider something like this - 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Smart Charger? I’m trying to figure out the best way to power everything in a safe and effective way.

Well that 12.1 inch screens needs 12v 1A at least. The thing I bought
has the one port that can do up to 12v so that is why. What you just linked
would be good too.

I’m thinking about powering 12.1’’ screen and i have a question.
Why is necessary the ‘USB 5V to 12V Barrel cord’ if the power adapter can provide 5V and 12V by itself?

Sorry if is a simple question, but my electronic knowledge is not advantage.


That is a great question. I thought the same thing but I could not find a
USB to barrel cord that does straight up 12v. I only found cords that were
usb 5v boosting on the other end 12v barrel. The one I bought from Amazon
worked fine but it got very hot after a while and the screen would flicker.
I found another on the Ada Fruit site but have not purchased it yet. Maybe
it will work better. Has anyone else found a straight up usb to barrel all
12v? Please show me so I can try it.

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I understand. If you found a better solution please share with us. I don’t found other solution.


To be honest plugging in 2 plugs works fine for me.

I could not find a USB to barrel cord that does straight up 12v. I only found cords that were usb 5v boosting on the other end 12v barrel.

Wouldn’t this work? There is no voltage conversion, no circuitry in the cable (it is completely passive). Just plug it into QuickCharge port:


It depends on the current rating of the cable.



It depends on the current rating of the cable.

What nonsense. We’re talking low-voltage here applications here. 12v @ 2.1 amp on 1 foot 28 AWG gauge cable loses .28 volts; i.e. the display would receive 11.72 volts (a 2.33% loss from 12v)

reference: American Wire Gauge Chart and AWG Electrical Current Load Limits table with ampacities, wire sizes, skin depth frequencies and wire breaking strength

And in case you couldn’t tell, I’m American–using the antiquated English system of AWG and feet.