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Not nonsense at all 7/0.2 wire is only rated at 1A. You need at least 16/0.2 wire for 3A.

Your own link shows its only rated for 1.4A at most hence my comment regarding current.




You need at least 16/0.2 wire for 3A.

And if you think that screen is pulling anywhere near 3 amps, you need some electronics lessons.

Your own link shows its only rated for 1.4A at most hence my comment regarding current

I don’t see that anywhere in the link. I triple-checked. But let’s assume I missed it. I also checked the spec sheet at to see if it mentions amperage or wattage. It doesn’t (except when the screen is asleep, less than 1 watt). Let’s assume the screen pulls 1.5A at 12 VDC (18 watts) and you claim the cable is “rated” at 1.4 amps. What will happen? The wire will heat. Will it cause a fire? I don’t know. I doubt it. We’re talking pretty low numbers here. But I will monitor it, and if it gets hot enough, solder in my own connection. Best of luck to you.


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Look at the maximum amps for chassis wiring in the link you gave.

I accept the screen may not pull 3A but that was not the point I was making. Badly specified USB cables have caused issues with power in the past and I was only drawing attention to this fact.




Sorry if it came through that way.

Still don’t see it, but that’s OK, I believe you.

This is a good point. And I’ll note that I just read this review of the product:

This cable as others have indicated has a very large internal resistance thus it will significantly drop voltage making it impossible to power anything that consumes anymore than a few milliamps, tried it with a bunch of devices, O-DROID C2, Rasperry Pi B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3 with the same exact behaviour, the devices would not power up although I could measure voltage present but dropping to 4.XX volts. I used a USB power doctor to measure current and the draw was about 0.03 amps (30 milliamps).

Don’t recommend buying at all for that it’s supposed to be a power cable, a function it can’t perform.[/quote]

So… good points, Paul. I guess I’ll be wiring up my own solution instead.


My new little 3 D printed project. Just have to buy the 7 inch screen for it.


3D print looks nice. Looking forward to the finished thing. Now that my Picade is done, I‘m thinking about a mini Pinball Bartop machine running all the old tables. But I‘m afraid this has to be a Windows machine.


That looks really cool! Which printer do you have to be able to print objects that size?


I didn’t print it. I wish I had a 3d printer. I bought from a seller on etsy. It was $40.


Changed up my theme. I will tell you this. It is not easy to swap out the theme cut outs once you have it all together already.