New smaller, redesigned, and improved Picade!

Wow I am so excited about this. I really want one of these. Looks so awesome.

I need a template to make some new art work for this smaller one.

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Looks great! Any plans to offer it without the screen? This would be a great opportunity to make use of my original PICADE screen which I upgraded to 12.1"

It looks like the new Picade i/o board is mono only.

Is that correct?

I may need to get one of these!!!

I feel the same way. My 8 inch screen was never used since I went with the 12.1 inch. I would for sure buy the kit without the screen if possible.

Could it be possible to get the (high quality) artwork for the new Picade within the template for the “old” bigger Picade? I think the new artwork looks very nice and gives a very retro but elegant feel…

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I dont know, the new picade is smaller, lacks stereo audio and still comes with a small screen.

The new hat seems nice, but can make problems if you want to use different Joysticks ( I use a seimitsu with a different connector ).

Improvements would have been ( if you ask me ):

  1. big screen
  2. USB Audio hardware for Stereo sound and fitting hat.
  3. Options on parts ( offer better quality ones from Sanwa or Seimitsu or opt out on the cheap stuff)
  4. offering extension kits for pimping the picade with light and other stuff.

Im sure the new one is still a fine kit, but im glad i got the old one thought.

I teach an after school club with these. i really liked the old one size better…but the new picadeX should be easier for assembly the old. Of course if I can ever get it to work with any of my old images!!! However I’m sure I will figure it out with their excellent support. Overall it is a great project.