Mini (even smaller) Picade


Anyone see this on the Bilge Tank? I want to get one of these when it comes out. I already have a spare 8 inch screen that came with my origianl Piacde since I upgraded to 12. inch screen. Any idea when this will be in stock and will it comes as a BYO Screen?

Forward to the 25:47 mark on the video.

Bilge Tank 043 - 50 (?!) ways to Blinkt! your Raspi.


Looks like this is the hat referred to! Does this mean we might see the smaller case appearing on the site soon too?


Is this hat new?

Looks really interesting, although no left/right audio channel.


Picade HAT is indeed new! It does only have mono sound, but with most of the sorts of games that you’d be playing it’s plenty good enough and still has plenty of oomph. I reckon the addition of the power switch is reason enough to stick one in your Picade!

Picade Mini will be coming early next year. We’re just putting the finishing touches to one other part of it that’s top secret, hush hush!


Excellent News! I’ll be at the front of the queue!


Just behind me! I got here first… ;-)


I’d love to say… Where the F was this a few months ago when I was putting in a custom power solution for my Picade, but hey, I had a ton of fun doing what I did and I think progress is always inevitable.

So good on you guys for innovating, I hope I have a need for this board or something similar in the near future.