Picade 10" with Pi 400

Looking to buy several Picade cabs with the 10" screen for my game programming class. We can’t source Raspberry Pi 4 w 4 gig (this seems like the minimum that will work with Scratch) but I have been able to get some Pi 400 (the unit with a keyboard). Can a Pi 400 work with the Picade?


Upper School Comp Sci Instructor
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Most likely, with some bodging, yes. Plugging the Picade Hat into the GPIO is your first big issue. This “may” work, if its long enough.
GPIO Ribbon Extension Cable for HATs and Mini HATs - Pimoroni

Or maybe this
Mini Black HAT Hack3r - Pimoroni

or this
Flat HAT Hacker for Raspberry Pi 400 - Pimoroni

No mater which way you go, it’s likely not going to look pretty.