Noob-ish Here Looking For Advice

I am working on a project I got off eBay… I have built a kit before, but this setup seems a little older? I cannot get the sound or controllers to work right so not sure if I am doing something wrong that is a easy fix, or do I need to replace the pcb with the newer x ? If so, is that all I need and will the stick and buttons work for the newer board. (it has 2 on each side and then the standard 6 on top and 2 in front)


Isn’t that Picade Hat suppossed to plug into the Pi’s GPIO header?
Does it have a GPIO header on the bottom?

Uncertain to be honest, from what I understand the red cable gets plugged into the pie and that was it? I know the kit version it mounts on top of the Pi. The Picade pcb is affixed to the cabinet bottom in that spot when I got it, and the person I got it from said to just plug the pi into it. This unit has a 12" screen and just trying to get it running normally or replace it if need be with the XHat using the existing wiring.

I’d have a look see, to see if it has a GPIO connector on the bottom side.
This one, and the new Picade X have it.

It is this model one. Not sure.

That I don’t know? It’s not the Model X for sure, and it doesn’t look like the one in the link I posted? Really really early one I guess?
It may do it all via USB? If there is no GPIO header on the bottom side then it for sure only uses USB. Maybe that was the kick starter one? If so what you need as far as software is here

Is it worth it to try to get it working? I have tried, but maybe doing the installs incorrectly. If I can use the existing wiring with the newer picade x hat, maybe I should get that instead?

The New Picade X should work with what you have now. You may want to get one these too though.

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Awesome. Thanks very much for your help. I am going to order those 2 things now and hopefully it should work out nicely. -M

If I remember right that was one of the post-Kickstarter Pimoroni shop boards. There was a red one as well for some reason.

@Shoe , no GPIO header on that one, it must do it all as a HID device via USB. Like this does

Yup, as the Adafruit page says, it acts just like a keyboard. If the button mapping and audio aren’t working it sounds like the board isn’t in good shape.

I think I would try a different USB cable between it and the Pi.