Just found a dusty old box with Kickstarter PCB Picade in it....need help

Okay, so I’ll spare you all the long sob story about how I was planning to build a second arcade cabinet with the Picade, and why that didn’t happen. I watched the Picade instructional video, and I have some questions which may be common knowledge and perhaps that’s why I am still confused after watching the video (or I missed it). Anyway, this is for my daughter’s arcade cabinet, so I’d really appreciate some assistance.

Okay, I searched my emails and couldn’t find the instructions or blueprints for the board, so I’m a little confused on what I’m supposed to hook into the Picade PCB, aside from the joystick and buttons. I don’t see an HDMI port or power port. I see audio outputs, so that’s good.

Do I still need a Raspberry Pi to use with this PCB? That would make so much sense if that’s the case, but I have no idea how to hook this board to a RPi, so I need some help on that too.

So, if this is an all-in-one and no additional Pi is needed, I need to know how to hook up the power and monitor. I see a micro usb connector on the board, and I assume I hook that to my computer to install any software? Do I still need to do that out of the box, or is it pre-installed?

That’s all my questions for now. Thank you in advance!

I google’d “picade kickstarter instructions” and this is what came up:


Hope that helps.

Hey, thanks a lot! It looks like my assumption was right, all that stuff connects to the Pi, and you connect the PCB to the Pi as well. That clears up most of my issues (for now). Thanks again!