Does the 10" upgrade kit work with PM305? (2018 Picade 8" model)

Does anyone know if the 10" upgrade kit works with the PM305 version of the 8" model? Looks like they have updated the kits again (new code) and I don’t know what is the difference between my 2018 8" version vs the 2019 8" version.

I do believe that last upgrade was for the Pi 4 support?
The new X Hat with the USB C power jack?
I have no idea if anything else changed though?
For the record I don’t own a Picade.

Thanks, I wonder if I buy that and the new XHat… i guess then I can put in Pi4 and have a 10" screen.

It should be doable? I can’t say 100% that you won’t have to modify what you have now though. The X hat has a USB C power jack for instance.

Sounds like that makes sense… i’ll give it a go. Thanks.

I just want to give you a little advice before mounting the 10 "screen. Find out very well how to connect the screen to the controller, since the connections are very fragile and there is no image or video of how to connect it exactly.
I know that I am a little awkward for these things, but I have not been the only one to break the controller connector when trying to connect the screen. There is a thread on this subject.
I don’t try to convince you not to put it on, I just want you to be clear about everything before you start riding it and don’t make the same mistake that others have made. I don’t try to scare you, I just try to warn you.

Thanks for the heads up! I was looking around and I saw a post about a connector turned upside, I will try to be careful! I have connected a few things with ribbon cable connectors before, so hopefully I won’t do anything crazy.

Well, I wish you luckier than me.