Questions about the Picade HAT

Hello, I’ve been eyeing the Picade HAT to run a self-contained beatmania-style project and had some questions before I pulled the trigger.
Firstly, I’m wondering if I can use a Picade HAT and a PiTFT (I was thinking the no-touch version) at the same time. I know that I won’t be able to use either as a hat to the pi but if I wired it out, Would I be able to use both, hopefully with a couple of extra pins for some NeoPixel Strips? I was going to use 8 buttons w/ No joystick (aka use like up and left as two extra buttons and have down and right disconnected), the power button, 1 utility button and the speaker. I wouldn’t be using the buttons on the bottom of the PiTFT.
Secondly, I’m wondering if I would be able to have semi-translucent buttons with LED’s beneath them that light up when the button is pressed?
Thridly, I’m wondering if I could choose between the speaker and the Pi’s headphone jack? Eg. I’d use Picade’s speaker unless there are headphones inserted and then the speaker would shut off and use the headphones. I’m fine doing this through custom code, I’m mainly wondering if the speaker can be shut off through code and the headphone jack can be used instead.
Lastly, Is it possible to have stereo speakers using this setup or is it mono exclusively?
Sorry its so many questions.
Thank you in advance

based on all the requirements you listed, you would be better served by the Picade PCB.

This will avoid pin conflicts on the GPIO (which at a glance, while not impossible to work around you would have to consider). It would also not be possible to switch audio output on-the-fly in the manner you describe with Picade HAT, or a stereo setup - the Picade PCB provides both of those functionality.

The only thing missing from your wishlist going the PCB route rather than HAT is the soft shutdown/boot function, but while I can’t tell you when it will be released, we’ll have a solution for that in the near future that I expect to fit in with the project as you described it.

Alright, thanks! I saw the Picade PCB but didn’t put that much research into it.
Just to confirm, we can use LEDs under translucent buttons that light up when the button is pressed with the PCB, correct?
Also, is there a resource for programming using the PCB? I know the buttons read as a keyboard but is there a way to control the speaker and headphone stuff like I described in the original post?
Thanks again

[quote=“r25th, post:3, topic:4293”]
Just to confirm, we can use LEDs under translucent buttons that light up when the button is pressed with the PCB, correct?[/quote]
my understanding is that this is a built-in feature of the buttons, though I suspect some light up as soon as there is power and others when they are brought to ground. Check the listing for the parts you will be sourcing, I can’t answer authoritatively.

the Picade PCB automatically mutes the speakers when the dedicated headphone jack has a connector inserted into it. The dedicated input buttons control the volume, though only to the speakers.

Ok, chill. Thanks a ton!