Older Picade no sound

I forgot I had an old picade set. It is the 8" screen version from Adafruit.

I believe I have updated everything but let’s assume a new install.

Everything else seems to work fine. It is a RPi3.

Ok, seems like there is no answer to this. Searching the forums it seems RetroPie no longer supports the alsa mizer. However, no one provides an alternative. I am not seeing anyone post sound issues with the latest picade. This leads me to believe I just need a new Picade X? That’s the only thing, and the 10" display, that is really different from my older picade.

Or use an older version of RetroPie?

I am not seeing how to get older Retropie.
I did get a newer pihat x with USBC and I get the same problem. So how are people with new picades getting sound to work?

There are several Picade owners on the Forum. I personally don’t own one. But not for the lack of wanting one.;)