I built my Picade (Show me yours)

Built my Picade at Chrstmas and forgot to show you all! Thanks to the person who made the Pacman artwork, it fit perfectly. Got a 12.1" screen from eBay (which isn’t the brightest or has the best viewing angles, but its great for playing on your own) running from a Ravpower supply so it has only one plug. I want to upgrade some things and add lights but at the moment I can’t justify doing so (I’ve got a Nintendo Switch to buy haha). Also it’s not the tidiest thing you’ll ever see (especially that brown tape) but I can’t really improve it and nobody is going to see it anyway so it doesn’t matter.

If you’ve completed your Picade build and made some modifications (whether it be artwork, buttons, etc) please post it below as I’d love to see it and it may give people inspiration to do similar things to their Picade.

TL;DR I built my Picade, let’s see yours!


Very nice!! Here is mine. I have a 12 inch screen, Power Block (to safely power down) from www.petrockblock.com, added a usb port on the front for 2nd player. I also plan to add a HDMI extender to the back so I can directly plug into a big screen tv but still use the Picade as a controller.


Love the Picade so much!

Replaced my buttons and stick with Sanwa branded ones. They are brilliant. A strip of floppy USB powered LEDs are stuck inside the marquee.


That looks really nice @hudson!
3rd Strike gets more action on mine than any other ROM.

Just a thought-- but if you intend on keeping the Astro City theme permanently–hit the mdf board with some primer and white paint. It would look amazing!

I built an acrylic custom arcade stick not too long ago with the same theme. I actually use it with the Picade sometimes for two player action.

Built a Neo Geo themed stick too ;-)

@jopamo those sticks are beautiful. I like your suggestion about painting the mdf. It would make it look more like the original candy cab. I’m unsure if I’m willing to do that though. I’m scared I’d mess it up :D

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There’s always white self-adhesive vinyl wrap ;-)

Behold the MoKoCa, the Mobile Kong Cade

Thanks so much to findon Cade-Kong for the Artwork.
I copied mAcHiNE´s idea for the power supply and the on/off switch (Picade goes mobile) and now I´m able to play Donkey Kong and so much more wherever I want. This is by far the coolest piece of hardware in my home :-).

Pi in case and Powerbank velcro taped inside:

Simple On/Off switch:


my pleasure :) Glad to see the artwork still being used.

Hi everyone. This is my first post, so i hope this works. This is my first Picade build(i am almost done with my second). This has a wired SNES controller held by Velcro inside. I have a rocker power switch with a barrel jack to plug it in on the back panel. I will be installing a Power Block this weekend. Am am giving this one to my brother as a house warming gift. I will keep the next one for myself.

Mortal Kombat Pic 1

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