Picade USB-C HAT with USB-C power supply

The Picade I got supported Raspberry Pi 4 so has the USB-C supported HAT. Question is will the Raspberry Pi 3+ work with this (power supply is USB-C as well, but is connected to the HAT not the Pi itself.


Yes, it will be just fine. The Picade hat sends the required +5V to the Pi via the GPIO header. The Pi doesn’t care where it comes from as long as its 5V.
The current rating of the supply is a can supply “up to that amount” rating. It will only supply what is needed by the load. Put a Pi 3B in there and it will be slightly less than what a Pi 4b would want.

You could if need be run a Pi 3B from the new USB C power supply with an adapter. And run a Pi 4B from the Micro USB power supply with an adapter. I have done the latter. I couldn’t get the new supply when I ordered my first Pi4B so I ordered an adapter.

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I can get output to a separate monitor, I can see the retropie home screen. However I see nothing on the picade screen. I wonder if there is an issue with this HAT version not working with Pi 3b+? I tried the HDMI output update in the config.txt as well.

The Picade Screen is basically a regular monitor minus a case. It doesn’t know the Hat is there, it only see’s the Pi’s HDMI output.
Do you have it powered up via the 3B’s USB port?

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Thank you for your help alphanumeric, I am a newb and made a giant newb error. I didn’t have the ribbon cable connected, oops. All is well now, thanks again for your patience.

Everybody makes mistakes. Even those of us that “think” we know what we are doing. ;)