New X-hat available to purchase separately?

Basically as per the title. Are we going to be able to purchase the new Raspberry 4 x-hat so that we can use the new pi in our picade’s?

Do we have to purchase the new picade hat? Is the last one not compatible with the pi 4?

It is entirely compatible, but the thinking is that the power demands of the pi4 would want people to power the whole picade with USB-C, whilst maintaining the power switch functionality etc.

What he said. Hardware wise the Pi 4 has the same GPIO pinout as the Pi 3 so the current X hat “should” work with it. Assuming 2.5 A is enough to drive your whole Picade. And assuming your using the official Pi 3 power supply.
The new Picade X Hat has a USB C power port thats rated for up to 3A. Thats to match the new power supply for the Pi 4 that is USB C and rated for 3A.
Aside from all of the above, the Picade software has to catch up to be compatible with the Pi 4. You have to run Raspbian Buster on the new PI 4, Jessie isn’t going to boot up on it. I would think the current Retro Pi etc will also need an upgrade to run on a Pi 4.