Console compatible with Raspberry Pi 4?

Looking at the Picade Console and thinking it’s not going to be compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 4
Given that the power is now USB-C and the HDMI port has changed to 2x micro HDMI

Any plans for a conversion kit or updated Console model?

There is a new X-Hat that is Pi 4 compatible. I’m assuming you could just swap it for the current X-Hat.

Good to know. I hope they start selling the console kit with the new X-Hat

My only other concern is the HDMI port, I don’t think the hole in the case will line up well with the 2 mini HDMI ports which are spaced a little to the left & right of the old “big” HDMI. (see this pic Maybe you could drill and enlarge the hole to reach the one on the left, but obviously I’d rather not !

I own a dremel for just such situations. I’d just widen the hole, if I had a Picade.
They mentioned upgrading the Picade kits to the new X - Hat in thier latest Bilge Tank Video on the Pi 4. They may even ship it with both X-Hat cards for a while as people may still want to use a Pi 3B.

I had the wrong cable in my original post, mini HDMI instead of Micro, fixed now though.