What's needed to upgrade 2018 picade to Pi4?

Hi everyone.

As per the title, I’d like to upgrade my 2018 picade (pi 3B) to use a pi 4. Other than purchasing a Picade X HAT USB-C and a new power supply is there anything else I need? For instance will all the leads just plug in as normal? Will the Picade X HAT fit the support holes in the picade etc?

Any advice much appreciated.

You’ll need a new Micro HDMI cable that’s compatible with a Pi 4. The rest I don’t know, I don’t own a Picade. I would think the wiring loom for the buttons and stick should be transferable without too much fuss?

Yes, the wiring loom is easily transferable (DuPont jumpers at the HAT end) and @gizmo1990 should just have to switch the HAT, power supply and add a Micro HDMI cable.

Just a word of warning the pi 4 running the latest version of, retropie has sound issues, I built one last week and just looking through this thread their are countless threads detailing the sound issues.The kits are still being sold with no warnings despite the fact that sound doesn’t work at present.

Ive had to disable audio on the xhat and use a usb speaker plugged into the pi’s 3.5mm jack to get sound from my picade, hopefully they will fix the xhats sound issue but supports come up with nothing yet.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

@Lebdude That’s good to know, thanks for mentioning it. Hmm I might hold off then. I was only going to upgrade as I wanted to use the pi3 elsewhere. Given the prices of pi3s (what the hell is that all about!?) I thought I’d just swap a 4 in.

The Sound issue likely isn’t dependent on what Pi is in there, I wouldn’t think anyway. More likely (IMHO) it’s an issue with the OS version you use. Not all that long ago the Pi Foundation made a switch to Pulse Audio in Pi OS. Which as near as I can tell has broken sound on a few Pimoroni products. The installers haven’t caught up yet. They may be in the process of trying to figure out how to fix it. That’s my thinking anyway, based on what I’m seeing posted on the forum. I bet if you had a working Picade, and started over today with no hardware changes, you’d have issues.
The older versions of Buster etc are out there for download, if you know where to look. And there is nothing stopping you from using them. These are the official images from the Pi Foundation repository.
Index of /raspbian/images (raspberrypi.org)

I’m sure they will catch up but i though it was worth noting that an upgrade in this respect would be a downgrade as their are features that aren’t working at present.

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